Nature gives us the ingredients and we use them with the utmost respect

Taste our favorite dishes:
you can find the complete menu only visiting us

To Start

Beetroot carpaccio with macadamia nut ricotta and sweet and sour sauce

Thai rolls with wakame seaweed and citrus sesame sauce

Made in house, filled with fresh vegetables, served with wakame and yuzu-sesame sauce.

Main Door

Culurgiones (sardinian ravioli-like stuffed pasta)

Homemade pasta filled with potatoes and truffle cheese, served with vegan butter and sage.

Lasagna with seitan ragù

Fresh pasta and ragù of our production.

Vegetable Tempura

Mixed vegetables in rice and chickpeas batter, served with homemade mayo.


Lemon cheesecake

Based on almonds and coconut cream.

Carasau strudel with cinnamon apples and goji berry cream

A Sardinian version of the classic strudel.

Semi-whole flour seada with agave syrup

Vegan version of the classic Sardinian seada.

You can discover our complete menu only dining with us