Nature gives us the ingredients and we use them with the utmost respect

The menu that you find in this section consists of The Ever Green dishes by Gintilla, the dishes most loved by our customers, but there is so much more you can choose from!

To Start

Raw beet ravioli stuffed with macadamia cream on melon sauce

A raw food specialty. Macadamia is a spherical nut with a very delicate taste.

Thai rolls with wakame seaweed and citrus sesame sauce

Thay rolls of our production with filling of mixed fresh vegetables

Main Door

Tagliatelle with seitan sauce

Organic durum wheat tagliatelle and homemade seitan sauce.

Maltagliati with spinach cream, meat mushrooms and pecans

Fresh pasta of our production.

Tortelloni with spirulina stuffed with potatoes and truffle cheese on a bed of butter and sage

Fresh stuffed pasta of our production.

Ligurian Pinsa

Vegan mozzarella, Taggiasca olives, dried tomato pesto and zucchini.

Pad Thai style seared tofu

Protein dish of wok seared tofu , vegetables and Japanese sauce on shoyu and myrtle.

Vegetable tempura in rice and chickpea batter

Mix of fresh vegetables served with homemade mayonnaise.


Chocolate cake with dark heart and homemade ice cream

Gintilla Classic! Made with organic chocolate from the Fair Trade Market.

Carasau strudel with cinnamon apples and goji berry cream

A Sardinian version of the classic strudel.

Semi-whole flour seada with agave syrup

Vegan version of the classic Sardinian seada.

You can discover our complete menu only dining with us