You don't need to be vegan to eat vegan.

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In this vegan restaurant you will find dishes prepared only with natural ingredients from organic farming and the zero km policy. The choice of the proposed menu is guided by our endless curiosity in associating flavors and aromas.

Each selection is the result of days, and sometime nights, of hard work trying new combinations and only our great passion and the commitment to excellence can provide us with the energy needed!

The desire to introduce new recipes has never made us forget the good rules of the past and the warm approach of the “grandma’s cuisine” that characterizes most Italian families.Nature gives us the ingredients and we use them with the utmost respect to offer our guests a varied and exciting experience.

From the open kitchen of Chef Vladimir to the intimacy of the space

The Gintilla restaurant was born in Cagliari, the birth place of the owners Paolo and Giulio , and soon became the starting point of the spread of a vegan lifestyle that, with creativity and imagination, aims at improving the quality of life and the environment in which we live.
Indoors, Gintilla is comprised of an open kitchen in which Chef Vladimir Gregorean realizes his creations in front of everyone’s eyes, so that each guest can witness the transparency and respect towards the gastronomic choices offered.

You can choose to enjoy our dishes outdoors sitting on stylized leaves, or indoors, going through the green entrance that evokes our mission of respecting the environment. Its atmosphere, warm, welcoming and intimate, is accompanied by walls decorated with woven wood coming exclusively from the pruning of Weeping Willow trees.

At Gintilla you will find a gastronomic space where vegan cuisine merges with the art of living healthy