Body and mind

  • It is certainly known that a healthy diet, proper rest and the right amount of exercise can bring numerous benefits to each individual, both physically and psychologically. Paolo, one of the owners of Gintilla, began to devote particular attention to his well-being by intensely practicing sport from an early age.
Fitness at heart

  • The passion that Paolo had for physical exercise and for the total well-being that a body can potentially achieve, led him to orient his professional choices towards the sport field, obtaining all the necessary qualifications to become a Top Trainer of the Italian Fitness Federation.

Search for well-being

  • Paolo’s life is constantly marked by his research and many experiments aimed at improving the knowledge in the field of nutrition, sport and well-being to the point that, inspired by Giulio his brother and co-owner of Gintilla, decides to embrace veganism not without some initial reservation.

Gintilla is born

  • It was not an immediate choice but a reasoned one.
    Initially Paolo fears to put his physical shape and his own health at risk upon abandoning a diet that has always accompanied him but soon, together with Giulio,
    he discovers the benefits of a vegan cuisine and decides to give life to the Gintilla Vegan Restaurant.
    This vegan gastronomic corner offers to everyone a place where “eating” is synonymous with “nurturing”.